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Partner Yoga For Beginners Gets You Off The Ground!

PYB system by Ranee Reese gets you off the ground and into the air with 6 Modules and 3 Bonuses at a price anyone can afford.  Come join the club, you got nothing to loose with our 30 day guarantee!

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Module #1

The QuickStart guide to finding your perfect partner, stretching and getting to know the PYB System.

Module #2

The 5 poses You Need To Get Off The Ground For Your First Acrobatic Performance with some variations for different levels.

Module #3

The Ultimate 10 poses You will Need To learn for a smooth and flawless partner yoga flow.

Module #4

The Next Level - 10 more poses To Finishing Your Performance

Module #5

How to transition them all into a long flow performance to build trust and wow your friends, and family

Module  #6 - Partner Stretching Video 

In order to increase your strength, flexibility, mobility and have WAY MORE FUN, we’ve included a full 20 pose sequence on partner yoga stretches, which can be used for warming up to acrobatic yoga or sports or just having fun and connecting with your partner.   And anyone can be up and running within one week.

Bonus #1 - Advanced Moves

You’ll also get a special step-by-step video on more advanced intermediate moves so you can really impress your friends!

Bonus  #3 - Free Book "Sexy = Yoga" 

A free digital copy of Ranee’s latest full colored book: “Sexy Yoga” which retails for $34.95 - but for you today, it’s FREE!

Bonus  #4 - Free Meditation Music

And if that wasn’t enough we’ll even throw in a Free download of  Meditation music to calm and prepare your mind before your practice.

"You don't need a trainer live on site to teach you... Learning from the video had taught me so much from the basics to all kinds of advanced moves... and I ended up saving hundreds of dollars by learning online."

Peter Dobrowski
Peter Dobrowski Yoga Enthusiast

"I've always wanted to try acrobatic yoga but was imtimidated by the crazy things they do.  So when I saw this online course where I could go at my own pace with my boyfriend, I went for it and I've realized its just not as hard as it appears.  We can now do a 10 pose flow with no problem and its so much fun Thanks."  - Rose Bianchi

Rose Bianchi
Rose Bianchi Yoga Practitioner

"Anyone can learn... At first I was intimidated by it because I have never tried any types of yoga before, but once I got to learn step by step from Ranee at Club Acro it turns out that partner and acro yoga is actually pretty easy to learn."

Ashley Fitzgerald
Ashley Fitzgerald Yoga Practitioner

"I had a pretty bad experience at a yoga studio where I paid a lot of money for an acro yoga course and didn't get much attention.  The problem is they spread themselves too thin with only two teachers, but this online course has been awesome!  I've learned more in a day than I learned in an entire weekend course at a yoga studio."  Chandler Hubbard

Chandler Hubbard
Chandler Hubbard Yoga Practitioner

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